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Lindenhurst Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral Neuropathy Relief

Peripheral Neuropathy is a disorder of the nervous system in which the nerves that connect the spinal cord to other regions of the body are damaged. We are proud to offer an advanced neuropathy treatment in Lindenhurst to reduce or eliminate peripheral neuropathy pain and symptoms.

At The Advanced Pain Relief Institute, we offer many groundbreaking neuropathy pain therapy treatments through the use of medical devices such as; ReBuilder 300, Anodyne Lights, and Pointer excel 2. Many of our clients have complained about not being able to find relief for their conditions, and the endless use of prescriptions drugs are producing alternative results compared to the pain relief for which they are prescribed. When a person is suffering from neuropathy in their legs or arms, most insurance companies will offer strict prescription drug treatments as the standard for neuropathy care. However, we believe that treating the underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy will produce lasting results, rather than merely masking the symptoms with drugs.

Surprisingly, the cost of our treatment can be comparable to prescription medications and in-patient co-pays, in many cases, and the outcome can be life-changing.

If burning and stabbing pain in your body has taken over your life, we can help you find relief with our neuropathy therapies. Call (847) 603-2500 to schedule an appointment with our doctor.

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