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Lindenhurst Chiropractor
Katie A.

Dr. Wells is a very good listener and extremely compassionate. He is very thorough in his explanations but not overwhelming. I appreciate the plan he put me on and every time I’ve gone in to meet with him he is educating me on steps going forward and why we are doing certain measures.

Chiropractor Lindenhurst
Vince D.

Jeff is a very friendly guy. He listens to what your complaints are whether it's your back your neck your knee your ankle or if you get headaches. He works on those areas to make that stuff go away. You always get relief when you go to Jeff.

Chiropractors Lindenhurst IL
Nicole M.

Fantastic! Haven't slept in days due to nerve getting pinched in my arms. Finally some relief.

Lindenhurst Chiropractor
Debbie F.

We have been seeing Dr. Wells and find him helpful, knowledgeable and kind. My three kids are in sports and he helps them stay healthy with adjustments and great advice. One of my athletes is a wrestler so gets pretty twisted up at meets and he has helped tremendously keeping him pain free.He gets us in quickly no matter how people are in the waiting area.I recommend Dr Wells whole-heartedly!

Lindenhurst Chiropractor
Tina A.

Dr. Wells is the most caring and understanding chiropractor. He treats the whole person. I would highly recommend you visit him for any of health concerns.

Lindenhurst Chiropractor
David S.

Brought my 1.5 month old in since she had a rough birth. He was able to answer any questions or concerns we had in detail, and gave us a plan. After a few visits she seemed so much more pleasant, it was like flipping a switch. It's very apparent how knowledgeable he is, and he was so nice and understanding. Wish I could've given a higher rating.

Lindenhurst Chiropractor
Jennifer M.

It has been about five week and it is going great so far! Very nice, professional, and accommodating.

Lindenhurst Chiropractor
John T.

He does a very good job and I feel good every time I leave his office.

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