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Work Injury Treatment

Work injuries can be extremely devastating, and they can cause several health issues that can affect a person emotionally, physically, and financially as well. The most common types of work-related injuries involve the back and neck. Back injuries and neck injuries account for nearly 90 percent of injuries that occur in the work place. The goal at Wells Family Chiropractic in McHenry is to heal the injured worker, so they can return to their daily activities in the safest manner possible.

Many work-related injuries are caused by regular activities on the job such as repeated actions like bending over, kneeling, or keeping a certain head position. Most occupations that are physically demanding require an employee to perform the same movements with their body constantly during employment hours. These types of repetitive motions may produce trauma in the body, and repetitive stress injuries (like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) are the most common work-related injuries. Stress-related injuries are hard to indicate right away because the onset is gradual.

One of the most successful treatment options for work-related injuries is chiropractic care. At Wells Family Chiropractic in McHenry we offer a variety of treatment techniques for our patients. If you are ready to feel better, call Wells Family Chiropractic in McHenry at (224) 213-2729 to schedule an appointment today.


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