• McHenry Chiropractors


    Chiropractic is a complementary medical treatment that helps improve patient health by adjusting the musculoskeletal and nervous [...]

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  • McHenry Zone Technique

    Zone Technique

    Zone Technique helps to alleviate pain, accelerate the healing process and improve muscle performance. We use conductive electrode pads to [...]

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  • McHenry Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor

    Auto Accident Injury

    We are the go-to auto accident chiropractors in all of McHenry, IL and have helped many individuals recover from auto accident injuries. [...]

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  • McHenry Knee Pain Therapy

    Knee Pain Therapy

    Here at Wells Family Chiropractic, we utilize Knee Pain Therapy as a key tool to help our patients find relief in a method that [...]

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  • McHenry Shoulder Pain Therapy

    Shoulder Pain Therapy

    We’re proud to offer our Non-Surgical Shoulder Rejuvenation Technology for patients with moderate to severe arthritis of the shoulder! [...]

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  • McHenry Work Injury Treatment

    Work Injury

    Work injuries can be extremely devastating physically, emotionally, and financially. They and are usually caused by regular, everyday job [...]

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  • McHenry Sports Injury Treatment

    Sports Injury

    Whether you've become overzealous with your routine, or simply forget to use the proper safety equipment, sports injuries are all too common. [...]

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